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Claresys Ltd is a UK Company committed to supplying the best video surveillance solutions available.  Working in partnership with our specialist end-user community and business partners, Claresys has developed many unique optical products and opto-electronic systems to help its’ customers obtain results in challenging circumstances and reduce operational risk.

Through its’ world-wide network of value added resellers Claresys is able to provide access to this technology in accordance with UK Government trade and export controls.

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Several of the basic technologies that underpin our intrusive surveillance solutions were originally developed by the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), an executive agency of the UK’s Ministry of Defence. Together with our customers, we have produced several product families that make best use of these technologies to address real world requirements. We continually develop new core capabilities, as illustrated by our growing range of state-of-the-art products which have expanded from the in-room pinhole products to mid and long range with integral pan, tilt and zoom. Our latest long-range zoom lens utilises the unique advantages of the Short-Wave Infra-Red Wave-band, please contact us for more information concerning this export controlled technology and also our other unique products.


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Our in-house designed products are primarily optical based for video surveillance and include intrusive surveillance lenses capable of providing a clear image through pinholes as small as 0.3mm. Other pinhole lens solutions include internal pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) through a 1mm pinhole and a range of M12 and miniature pinhole cameras.
We also have a range of Compact Telephoto Lenses to provide small easy to hide directed surveillance options and Long-Range PTZ Lenses with internal pan and tilt. All of our lens designs are complimented by a range of specialist and ruggedised cameras designed to best serve our customer’s requirements.


As a small and responsive company we are able to react quickly to our customer’s needs and to develop custom products and systems in a prompt and cost-effective manner.  We operate either on a consultancy basis, or on a shared risk basis where we retain the intellectual property.  We are equally happy developing new systems or providing modifications to our existing ones.  Our expertise covers optics, sensors, electronics, firmware, software and the associated mechanical design, which allows us to provide full turn-key solutions for our clients.

We also work on OEM designs for business partners to provide solutions optimised for compatibility with their specific surveillance system.

Professional covert surveillance products are specialist and low volume.  The Claresys business model is to be lean and flexible giving us the ability to control overheads and develop the low-volume solutions required for our core market.  We can achieve this by developing new and unique solutions or by taking techniques from other industry sectors and deriving solutions for the specialist security market.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in complete confidence and we will endeavour to help you arrive at a cost effective solution to your operational challenges.